Bed and Breakfast: experience real country escape

If you are looking for a real country escape for a long or short holiday, pop over to Downfield House. It is a peaceful house surrounded by a beautiful garden where you can enjoy the sound of silence and Scotland’s undisturbed country life.

Downfield 2014 April 29 001.jpg

The house offers comfortable accommodation of two double bedrooms and one twin bed room. There are two family bathrooms and a shower room. Breakfast is served in the small dining room or kitchen, where there is an AGA, and can be served in one of the double bedrooms if you wish.

Downfield 2014 April 29 005.jpg

With notice lunch and dinner can be provided in the large Factor’s dining room.

DSCN1548.JPGTraditional meals are served and Moroccan cuisine is a speciality, much enjoyed by friends and guests alike; a Moroccan breakfast would comprise m’lawi [bread],harsha [yellow semolina bread],eggs, meskuta [cake with sweet orange juice] olive oil and green olives and mint tea.

To book, call  01337 831879  or email us on




Downfield House & Garden.
Address: Downfield House,Down Law, Ladybank,Cupar,Fife,UK/ Phone:01337831879/Email:

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