Our Guests’ reviews and experience

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  •  “This is the best B&B ever!” [September 7th -9th, 2016: Joep, Esther and Cheyen Bannenberg, Amsterdam, Holland].

  • “These 5 days were most amazing 5 days spent in the UK. Michael and Samir were very kind and extraordinary hosts. We spent some wonderful time together”[September 16th  21st, 2016, Dishant & Aarti Kharbanda, New Delhi, India]. 


  • ” Great relaxing Stay! Comfortable bed. Will be back! Great hosts!” [September 28th-29th, 2016: Andy Hart, Birmingham, UK].


  •  “Warm, caring, elegant, very comfortable. Wonderful cooking!” [October 10th, 2016, Wendy & Julian Lines, USA].


  • ” This is a lovely house with an extraordinary service!” [ October 15th, 2016, Malte Settelmeier, Hesel, Germany].


  • “Lovely and peaceful stay…Downfield House is the new Downtown Abbey xx” [October 19th, 2016, Cherry& Jay Ferris, Cornwall, UK].


  • “Very pleasant stay at Downfield House. Thank you for the warm welcome!” [October 27th, 2016, Sandrine & Maxime, Lille, France].


  • “Thank you so much! Great service, amazing food”. [November 11, 2016, Lisa Thomposn& Mars Bjork, Malms, Sweden] .


  • ” a very happy stay, very comfortable, delightful place to stay. Thank you!” [November 19th, 2016, Nigel and Zoe Spooner, Australia].


  • “What a lovely house, thank you very much, very nice to meet you!”. [January 5th, 2017, Daniel and Mura, Belfast, N. Ireland].


  •  ” Lovely place and really great host”.[25th 26th February, 2017, Saso and Martina, Slovenia].


  • “Very cosy and beautiful house. For the first time we felt like home in the UK”.[March, 8th to 12th, 2017, Galin and Filipa, Bulgaria].


  • “Very friendly amazing atmosphere and calm. Love xxx”. [March, 13th, 2017,Michele Greco, Italy].

4 Comments on “Our Guests’ reviews and experience

  1. Thanks Michael and family. Have passed on to a friend (Tom Trager, met at Lintas advertising in 1966) who can afford to visit you, and was an economics undergraduate at Dundee, and who occasionally goes to St Andrews reunions. As a student, he shared a flat with Alan Beith, and more or less remained in touch with him.




    • Hello David. Thank you for passing on details of downfieldhouse.com to Tom Trager. We look forward to hearing from him. I hope you like the website
      We have closed for a few weeks after a very busy summer but we will be open again in December as we already have bookings over Christmas and the new year.
      I hope you are keeping well and busy. Did you see the programme on Anglesey?
      Warmest best wishes, Michael


  2. Sehr idyllische Unterkunft mit super freundlicher Begrüßung auf einem total abgelegenen Hof! Liebevoll schottisch eingerichtete Zimmer und ein wundervoll angelegter riesiger Garten! Große Auswahl an selbstgemachten Frühstück-Menüs! Wunderschöner ganz privater Speisesaal! Parkplätze vorm Haus! Hier konnten wir die schottische Kultur richtig kennen und leben lernen! Jedem zum empfehlen!


    • Thanks Christina and Corinna for visiting Downfield House and Garden. It was a pleasure for us to welcome you here. You are always welcome to visit when you are in Scotland. I hope you had a great holiday! 🙂


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