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Supper Parties

If you have never attended a supper party, or supper club, we highly recommend attending one. Supper clubs are fun! Meeting new people, making friends, enjoying food and socialising within a small group of friendly people is what our supper club in Downfield House provides.  Coming to our supper club, you arrive a stranger but you depart as a friend.

Price: £20 per person/ Full menu: Starter, Main course, pudding, Cheese course, coffee/ tea and chocolate.

Our supper parties are held every weekend, the day of the weekend will be specified in the invitation.

How to book?

  1. Get your ticket Here
  2. Choose between two menus: Menu 1 or Menu 2
  3. Download your Invitation ,tick the box for your menu of choice and bring it with you with any form of ID

To book, also phone us on 01337 831879 or email us at seats limited to 10 people maximum.


Talks on garden restorations and horticultural lectures by Prof Michael Tooley will be held in Downfield House & Garden. Do keep an eye on our events section.

To book a place, call on 01337 831879  or email us at

Download the The Dinner and Lecture Menu here:Downfield House Dinner and Lecture Menu

Tickets for talks will also be available on

Cooking Club

Every Saturday, starting at 11 am, lunch at 13:00 ish

Please download Downfield House Cooking Club Registration Form ,fill it in and send to our email address above.

Downfield House & Garden
Address: Downfield House,Down Law, Ladybank,Cupar,Fife,UK/ Phone:01337831879/Email:
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